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Sustainability has always been an important business strategy, but the way society views sustainability and what it means has shifted over the last several decades.  Sustainability no longer just means a company’s long-term viability, but now refers to the effect that a company has on society or the environment.  At the core of a business’s sustainability is the circular economy – continual use of resources and the elimination of waste.

Society has zeroed in on plastic and the resulting waste that comes from its usage.  Plastic has its place in society and provides a number of benefits, but at the end of its life cycle, it needs to be reused, recycled, or composted.

HCPA is pleased to bring to you experts in plastics and their perspectives on its place in the circular economy:

  • Jayme Leita, Director of Circular Economy Integration, and Maranda Demuth, Strategic Initiative Manager, Eastman
  • Kinza Sutton, Head of Public Affairs & Sustainability – Europe, Plastipak
  • Emily Tipaldo, Plastics Recycling Strategist, More Recycling

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Cassy LaRussa clarussa@thehcpa.org

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