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Manufacturers and marketers, industrial suppliers, chemical producers and distributors, and packaging suppliers.

Products Represented

Industrial specialty chemical products are those used in the manufacturing process or to maintain machinery and equipment: products such as industrial cleaners, belt dressings, cutting oils and multi-purpose solvents. Automotive specialty chemicals are the products used by consumers and service centers to maintain and protect cars and trucks. They include brake fluid, antifreeze, rust inhibitors, radiator seals, engine and transmissions additives, auto cleaners, polishes and waxes.

Priority Issues 

Defending the use of MP, nPB ad Chlorinated Solvents… These ingredients are currently facing scrutiny on possible restrictions that could significantly impact formulators by requiring less efficacious reformulations and potentially pose fire hazards. The Industrial and Automotive Products Division is supporting the science-based advocacy efforts of HCPA’s Scientific Affairs Committee on this issue.

Defining Safety Solvent Alternatives… in cooperation with the HCPA Scientific Affairs Committee is working on a science-based advocacy effort to: define safety solvent, compile information on desirable physical/chemical properties and existing alternatives and develop an action plan to identify new alternatives.

If you’re concerned with these issues regarding Industrial & Automotive Products, contact us and learn how beneficial an HCPA membership could be.

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Product Types

Detailing Products

Automotive Wax
Automotive Polish
Automotive Sealant/Glaze
Automotive Hard Paste Wax
Automotive Instant Detailer
Automotive Instant Detailer (pump sprays)
Bug and Tar Remover
Motor Vehicle Wash (aerosol)
Motor Vehicle Wash (non-aerosol)
Paint and Surface Cleaner
Paint and Surface Protectant (including antifouling products)
Rubber/Vinyl Protectant (aerosol)
Rubber/Vinyl Protectant (non-aerosol)
Rubbing and Polishing Compound
Scratch and Swirl Remover
Tire or Wheel Cleaner (aerosol)
Tire or Wheel Cleaner (non-aerosol)
Undercoating (Report Aerosols Only)
Aerosol Air Horn
HFC-134a refrigerants

Maintenance & Repair

Additives for Antifreeze
Windshield Washer Fluid (Type A & Non Type A)
Belt Dressing
Body Repair Products (other than coatings)
Brake Anti-Squeal Compound
Brake Cleaner
Carburetor or Fuel Injection Cleaner
Air Intake Cleaner
Engine Degreaser (aerosol)
Engine Degreaser (non-aerosol)
Engine Starting Fluid
Home-Use Metal Parts Immersion Wash
Mold and Mildew Retardant
Oil Additive
Tire Sealants and Inflator
Windshield De-Icer
Windshield Washer Fluid
Windshield Water Repellant
Other vehicle and marine vessel maintenance and repair products

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