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The Household and Commercial Products Association (HCPA) is the premier trade association representing companies that make and sell $180 billion annually of products used for cleaning, protecting, maintaining, and disinfecting in homes and commercial environments. HCPA members employ 200,000 people in the U.S. whose work helps consumers and workers create a cleaner, healthier and more productive life. Our mission is to protect, promote and enhance the household and commercial products industry and the consumers and workers who use our members’ products.

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Division Programs

At the heart of HCPA is its Division Programs. Each of our seven divisions covers a category or issue of importance to the membership.

Directed by volunteer leadership from our member companies, these divisions address emerging issues, help shape policy positions, and advise on the latest scientific and regulatory developments affecting their specific categories. They also develop research and work collaboratively with partners on issues of common interest. These Divisions meet in-person multiple times a year and ensure energetic collaboration among members.

This flexible structure is unique among associations and gives everyone a seat at the table while allowing the association to effectively address a wide range of issues across the industry.

Advisory Councils

HCPA members also direct the policy agenda of the association through our Advisory Councils.

Councils like the Federal Government Relations & Public Policy Advisory Council and the State Government Affairs Advisory Council identify key state legislative and regulatory issues affecting HCPA member companies and develops positions and strategies to help advance policies that support industry interests. Positions developed by the councils are used for formal meetings with policymakers and for testimony used at hearings.



By identifying relevant legislative, regulatory and marketing challenges in all areas of the supply chain.


By advancing policies and stewardship practices that foster safe and effective products and services.


By creating networking opportunities that foster business relationships and platforms for growth.

Why Choose HCPA?

On the front lines of the changing political environment, the HCPA advocacy, regulatory and communications teams work to enable the industry’s ability to be innovative and deliver products that meet changing consumer and worker needs.

Now more than ever, HCPA is proud to be a bipartisan member-driven organization that is led by the volunteer leadership of our seven divisions. Our unique and flexible structure ensures that HCPA will continue to drive the industry forward, however intense partisan debate and misleading information has confused the conversations about our priority issues and why risk-based science is a responsible way to regulate the products that we use at home and work.


Let HCPA Become Your Trusted Business Partner.

HCPA is with you every step of the way.

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