The 2024 Murray Glauberman Scholar Award has been awarded to Ian Frankel, 3M!

The scholarship will be reopened for submissions in January 2025.

Every year, the Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) awards a monetary scholarship to a high school senior whose parent or grandparent is employed full-time by an HCPA member company.

HCPA established this scholarship to honor the late Murray Glauberman, the 1986 Chair of the Board of Directors. Since its inception in 1988, HCPA has awarded a total of $280,000 to 35 deserving recipients to pursue their collegiate studies.

The scholarship, which is awarded to one student annually, provides a graduating high school senior with $2,000 a year for up to four years to be used toward their college education. The scholarship recognizes achievement in the classroom, leadership skills, and a commitment to community service.

The award is funded by both HCPA and Mr. Glauberman’s son, Stuart. HCPA would like to thank the Glauberman family and Malco Products for their generous support of tomorrow’s innovators.


An applicant must be a child or grandchild of a full-time (at least 30 hours per week) employee of a Household & Commercial Products Association member company in good standing at the time the award is granted. The award is open to all graduating high school seniors and honorably discharged veterans who entered the military immediately following high school. The applicant must be accepted by or is anticipating freshman entry into an accredited U.S. college or university on a full-time basis during the Fall semester immediately following the date of the award. Children/grandchildren of members of the HCPA Scholarship Awards Committee are not eligible. Students currently attending college or enrolled in graduate or post-graduate courses are not eligible to apply for the scholarship.

2024 Scholarship Deadline | March 22, 2024


Please submit digital PDFs of the following documents:

1) Student Application Form;

2) CollegeBoard SAT® Student Score Report or The ACT® Student Report (finalists will be required to furnish official transcripts of these scores). If both SAT® and ACT® scores are submitted, only the SAT® score will be considered.

3) A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s high school principal, guidance counselor, or teacher describing the applicant’s extracurricular accomplishments and/or leadership qualities in the community.  The recommendation letter should be printed on school letterhead and signed by the principal, guidance counselor, or teacher.  If the applicant’s high school principal, guidance counselor, or teacher is not available, the applicant may ask a responsible community official to provide a recommendation letter, which should be printed on official letterhead and signed; and

4) A letter from the applicant to the HCPA Scholarship Awards Committee outlining his/her school and citizenship accomplishments and objectives for the future.

Applicants who entered the military immediately following high school and have been honorably discharged should attach a separate page describing their military experience including duties, skills learned, and awards received. Honorably discharged veterans may use their commanding officer’s letter as the required letter of recommendation if desired.


All awards will be made based on the following:

Academic Achievement & Leadership Qualities – (as measured by high SAT or ACT scores): Students scoring in the top percentiles are a necessary condition for consideration of the award. Potential candidates will also be objectively evaluated by the Scholarship Awards Committee based on outstanding leadership qualities and accomplishments, as demonstrated by the supporting documents in the application.

Awards will be made on an individual basis and are non-transferable from one individual to another. The recipient will receive from HCPA a $2,000 scholarship award. A check for $2,000 will be issued and made payable to the recipient prior to the commencement of the Fall semester.

The recipient will continue to receive a check for $2,000 each year thereafter for a total period of four (4) years. Payment each year will be made before the Fall semester, provided the recipient maintains a grade point average acceptable to the school for continuing matriculation.

To guarantee the continuation of the scholarship award through the four-year term, all recipients are required to submit to the HCPA Scholarship Awards Committee an official report from the recipient’s College or University as to continuing matriculation by July 1st of each year following the initial year after the award is in effect. Failure to annually submit this certification will result in the cancellation of the award.

Recipients of awards who intend to continue education but must involuntarily interrupt studies, through a leave of absence, may postpone no more than one year’s award for valid reasons. Failure to resume studies after postponement, if granted, will result in the automatic cancellation of the award. The Scholarship Awards Committee, based on the facts submitted, will individually consider such situations. Any ruling of the Scholarship Awards Committee is final.


Questions about the Murray Glauberman Memorial Scholarship Award can be directed at:
Ryan Nau 

Previous Winners

2023 – Michael Urevich, Reckitt
2022 – Bethany In,
2021 – Makayla Lagerwall, 3M
2020 – McKayla Jenkins,
Bonide Products
2019 – Michael Kenney,
2018 – Nikita Patole,
2017 – Rohan Thakur, 
2016 – Lucille Hu, Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc.
2015 – David Shan, 3M
2014 – Nina Butkovich, Faultless Starch
2013 – Slava Butkovich, Faultless Starch
2012 – Yuning Zhang, 3M Company
2011 – Rennie Song, Central Life Sciences
2010 – Kristen Nehls, FMC Corporation
2009 – Richard Song, Central Life Sciences
2008 – Brian Conway, Rohm and Haas Company
2007 – Nora K. Ali, 3M Company
2006 – Stephen E. Reader, Keller and Heckman, LLP
2005 – Kevin Shan, Lonza Inc.
2004 – Nicole Ali, 3M Company
2003 – Yang Liu, 3M Company
2002 – Matthew C. Klitus, FMC Corporation
2001 – Anothony Joseph, 3M Company
2000 – Vansee K. Chaguturu, FMC Corporation
1999 – Steven A. Schmoll, 3M Company
1998 – Jordan S. Erenrich, Allied Signal Corporation
1997 – Anne Lee, Union Carbide Corporation
1996 – Luke Platzer, 3M Company
1995 – Sreekanth K. Chaguturu, FMC Corporation
1994 – Tina Rutar, Union Carbide Corporation
1993  – Amy Beth Erenrich, Allied Signal Corporation
1992 – Brian S. Haile, Eastman Chemical Company
1991 – Patrick S. Reinfried, Lonza Inc.
1990 – John L. Klepeis, Rhone-Poulenc
1989 – Michael Y. Lee, Block Drug Company

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