Companies Represented

Ingredient suppliers, fragrance suppliers, manufacturers and marketers, and testing laboratories.

Products Represented

Products designed to enhance or condition the indoor environment by eliminating unpleasant odors, freshening the air or removing airborne particles. These include, in both the consumer and institutional and industrial markets: rug and room deodorizers, room sprays, candles, air fresheners, scented gels and other static product forms, electronic room fresheners and other dynamic product forms.

Priority Issues 

Negative and False Media/Print Claims… The Air Care Communication Task Force continued to work closely with HCPA’s Communications Team to provide accurate information to counter negative and false print and digital media claims about air care products and to share information about the industry’s long-term commitment to creating safe and sustainable products. The task force held a joint meeting with the International Fragrance Association North American and the Alliance for Consumer Education to align communications efforts aimed at consumers, the media and industry.

Regulatory Activities in Europe… The Candle Committee informed members of regulatory activities in Europe, including a new decree in France requiring all fragranced candles and combustible air fresheners to include two new pictograms (in addition to the currently required EU standard pictograms) on products sold after January 2019. In addition, the EU is revising its current candle fire safety standard, labeling standard, sooting test and is starting work on three new emission safety standards.

Collaborative Effort with UL… The Device Committee is nearing completion on a two-year collaborative effort with UL to develop a revision to the UL Standard for Air Fresheners and Deodorizers (UL 283) to accept commonly used flashpoint test methods that are considered sufficient to demonstrate resistance to ignition and are supported and accredited by ASTM. This revision will provide fragrance companies with greater flexibility to use nationally recognized and accredited flashpoint test methods. It will also create an opportunity for product manufacturers to adopt new fragrance variants more rapidly.

Promoting the use of the Deodorization Efficacy Assessment Screening Tool… The Deodorization Committee promoted the use of the deodorization efficacy assessment screening tool developed to standardize terminology and malodor screening test methods. The tool, available on the HCPA member website, helps companies save money in product development, in making formulation changes, and in conducting quality assurance reviews.

International Updates… The International Regulatory Committee provided comprehensive updates on international chemical control laws, inventory compliance issues and other international regulatory requirements that affect air care products and fragrance ingredients.

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Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners, Double Phase Aerosol
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Dual Purpose Air Fresheners/Disinfectants
Air Freshener, Liquid/Pump Spray
Air Freshener, Solid/Semisolid
Odor Remover/Eliminator (Aerosol)
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Incense Products
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