Companies Represented

Manufacturers, marketers, and suppliers of waxes, polishes, floor finishes, and a wide range of floor maintenance products.

Products Represented

Floor care products consist of products designed to polish, protect, or maintain furniture, floors, metal, leather, or other surfaces.

Priority Issues 

Ensuring the Safety of Floors…Updating the “Measuring the Slip Resistance of Wet Floors: Which Testers Perform Best?” white paper. The Division’s Scientific Committee is performing testing of concrete flooring to determine the suitability of existing methods for evaluation of slip resistance.

Compliance Updates… Closely monitoring California’s Proposition 65 listing of ethylene glycol (ingested) and the listing of styrene and the impact this may have on members’ products.  Closely monitoring California’s Cleaning Products Right to Know Act of 2017 to understand compliance concerns in advance of implementation and the impact this may have on members’ products.

If you’re concerned with these issues regarding Floor Care Products, contact us and learn how beneficial an HCPA membership could be.

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Waxes & Polishes

Floor Maintenance Products
Floor Polish or Wax (resilient flooring)
Floor Polish or Wax (non-resilient flooring)
Floor Polish or Wax (wood flooring)
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