The Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE)

ACE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2000 dedicated to Educating Consumers and Improving Lives.  ACE educates consumers on the correct use, storage and disposal of household and commercial products to ensure a safe, healthy and clean environment in homes, businesses and the community.

The Automotive Specialty Products Alliance (ASPA)

ASPA is an alliance between HCPA, the AutoCare Association and the Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association to provide a unified industry voice for members engaged in the automotive chemical and vehicle appearance product markets before state, regional and federal legislators and regulators. Company membership in one of the three sponsoring associations is required for membership in ASPA.

The Consumer Specialties Insurance Group (CSI)

CSI is a viable answer to the liability needs of the chemical specialty industry and is committed to remaining a permanent insurance alternative. CSI’s focus is to provide liability insurance to the members of HCPA, and thus, does not retain the economic exposures affecting other financial markets.

Ignite Solutions

Ignite Solutions has sponsored 50 cooperative research projects designed to develop data and address industry issues efficiently and cost-effectively. HCPA acts as an umbrella for co-operating industry members and invites all registrants, including non-HCPA members, to participate in the joint projects.

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