Product Divisions

At the heart of HCPA is its Division Programs. Each of our seven divisions covers a category or issue of importance to the membership.

Directed by volunteer leadership from our member companies, these divisions address emerging issues, help shape policy positions, and advise on the latest scientific and regulatory developments affecting their specific categories. They also develop research and work collaboratively with partners on issues of common interest. These Divisions meet in-person multiple times a year and ensure energetic collaboration among members.

This flexible structure is unique among associations and gives everyone a seat at the table while allowing the association to effectively address a wide range of issues across the industry.

Aerosol Products Division

Products packaged in self-dispensing, pressurized containers, including spray products, foam, and food products, used in household and commercial environments.

Air Care Products Division

Products designed to enhance or condition the indoor environment by eliminating unpleasant odors, freshening the air or removing airborne particles. These include, in both the household and commercial markets: rug and room deodorizers, room sprays, candles, air fresheners, scented gels and other static product forms, electronic room fresheners and other dynamic product forms.

Antimicrobial Products Division

Products and ingredients designed to control or eliminate microbes in any environment and that are subject to antimicrobial and pesticide regulations.

Cleaning Products Division

Hard surface cleaners for the bathroom, toilet and kitchen; dishwashing products; glass, carpet, drain and biochemical cleaners, as well as laundry products, and other cleaners such as detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers and laundry additives used in both household and commercial environments.

Floor Care Products Division

Floor care products consist of floor polishes and waxes, restorers, floor polish and wax removers, and raw materials such as waxes and acrylic emulsions that protect and restore surfaces in both household and commercial environments.

Industrial & Automotive Products Division

Industrial products are those used in the manufacturing process or to maintain machinery and equipment: products such as industrial cleaners, belt dressings, cutting oils and multi-purpose solvents. Automotive products serve consumers and service centers the ability to maintain and protect cars and trucks. They include brake fluid, antifreeze, rust inhibitors, radiator seals, engine and transmissions additives, auto cleaners, polishes and waxes.

Pest Management Products Division

Products and ingredients designed to control or eliminate pests in any environment and that are subject to pesticide regulations. Types of products include insecticides, rodenticides, repellents, insect bait stations and traps, lawn and garden products, and pet products.

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