Companies Represented

Raw material suppliers, and manufacturers and marketers of household and professional cleaning and care products.

Products Represented

Hard surface cleaners for the bathroom, toilet and kitchen; dishwashing products; glass, carpet, drain and biochemical cleaners, industrial and institutional laundry products, and other cleaning products such as detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers and other laundry additives.

Priority Issues 

Microbiology, Preservatives White Papers… HCPA published two white papers on preservatives in Happi Magazine during the first quarter of 2017. The group also had a successful introductory meeting with EPA officials to provide an overview of its work and to offer technical resources. This subcommittee is comprised of member companies with a focus on microbiology, formulation and regulation and it is committed to establishing best practices and acceptable standards to address the increasing concern for maintaining the microbiological quality of consumer, household, institutional and industrial products.

Cleaning Trends, Innovation, and Education In September, 2017, 60 formulators, retailers and suppliers gathered in Phoenix, AZ for HCPA’s New Horizons Conference. Every three years, the Cleaning Products Division brings industry leaders from around the world to address the trends within marketing, packaging and regulatory issues that can potentially impact the industry’s future. This year, attendees heard firsthand from Amazon about sustainable packaging and from leading academic researchers on advances in bio-based surfactants and on the European perspective on microbial ‘probiotic’ cleaning.

Green Cleaning… Green Cleaning and its impact on the cleaning industry was the highlight of the division’s Mid-Year Meeting program. The division also hosted a successful Cleaning Fundamentals Webinar series providing instruction on cleaning formulation topics.

If you’re concerned with these issues regarding Cleaning Products, contact us and learn how beneficial an HCPA membership could be.

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Executive Board/Committees
Executive Board
Biological Drain Maintenance Products Test Method (BDMP)
Biological Products Task Force
Cleaning Products Division Executive Board & Advisory Committee
Communications & Membership Committee
Compendium Subcommittee
Education Committee
Key Issues Committee
Light Duty Dish Wash Test Method Task Force
Membership Committee
Microbiology Subcommittee
Nominations Committee
Programming Committee
Scientific Affairs Committee
Soap Scum Test Method
Stainless Steel Test Method

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Andrea Mojica

Product Types

Cleaners & Degreasers

Bathroom and Tile Cleaner (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Bug and Tar Remover (Non-Automotive)
Stove-top Cleaner
Disinfectant (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Dusting Aid (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Garbage Disposal Cleaner
General Purpose Cleaner (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Glass Cleaner (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Grout Cleaner
Gum or Candle Wax Remover
Hard Surface Rust Stain Remover
Jewelry Cleaner, Polish, Soap
Metal Polish Cleanser (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Mildew Remover
Multi-Purpose Remover
Over or Grill Cleaner (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Plastic Cleaner
Sanitizer (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Septic Tank Cleaner
Single Purpose Cleaner
Single Purpose Degreaser
Soap Impregnated Scouring Pad
Toilet/Urinal Care Product (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Wood Cleaner (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Other Cleaners and Degreasers


Dish Detergent/Soap (Manual)
Dish Detergent/Soap (Machine)
Dishwasher Sanitizer
Film and Spot Remover
Grill Cleaner
Rinse Aid
Other Dishwashing Products


Anti-static Product (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Carpet Deodorizer and Freshener
Fabric and Carpet Dye
Fabric Protectant (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Fabric Refresher (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Spot Remover (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Waste and Urine Deodorizer
Water Repellant
Other Fabric, Carpet, Upholstery Products


Bluing Agent
Detergent Booster
Dryer Sheet/Fabric Softener
Fabric Wash
In-Dryer Fabric Care
Laundry Prewash (Aerosol/Solid)
Laundry Prewash (All other forms)
Laundry Starch/Sizing/Fabric Finish Product
Spot Remover (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Sizing and Fabric Finish
Washing Soda
Water Softener and Conditioner
Wrinkle Releasing Spray/Reducer/Remover
Other Laundry Products

Misc. Household

Drain Opener
Driveway Cleaner

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