Earlier this month, the HCPA Antimicrobial Products Division hosted and participated in meetings which addressed a number of issues currently impacting the industry. First, on July 17, HCPA hosted an in-person working session where members discussed a variety of issues, including OECD method implementation, EPA’s new Antimicrobial Product Evaluation Program (APEP) and HCPA’s response to a solicitation for comment, and Series 810 product performance test guidelines. The successful working session provided members with an opportunity to work through, as well as create, a path forward for these important issues that directly impact the Antimicrobial industry.

Following the working session on July 18, HCPA joined ACC’s Center for Biocide Chemistries (CBC) for a joint industry meeting with members from EPA’s Antimicrobial Division where they provided updates on matters within the Division. Joining the meeting in person from EPA was Acting Antimicrobial Director Anita Pease and Acting Deputy Director Steve Weiss. Specific updates included EPA staffing updates, division priorities, and areas for collaboration with industry. The joint meeting was a great success and allowed HCPA and CBC members alike to engage in critical dialogue about pertinent developments directly impacting the industry, as well as strengthen relationships with key EPA staff who handle these issues.



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