February 16 to 18, Steve Caldeira, president and CEO, HCPA, attended policy and political briefings from Republican leadership at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) 2018 Winter Meeting.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.), provided a public policy update focused on a wide range of issues, including tax reform, immigration reform, national security, the ongoing budget process, and how the House is working to combat the opioid crisis.

In addition, NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers (R., Ohio) shared an update on the political landscape moving towards the 2018 mid-term election. Fellow attendees included executives from trade associations and the overall business community.

“Events like these personalize the link between HCPA and influential policymakers,” said Caldeira. “It is imperative that we continue to look for opportunities to strengthen our relationships with House and Senate leadership on both sides of the political aisle. In  2018, our government relations and public policy team  will work hard to strengthen existing relationships, while simultaneously building others.”

At XPAND2017, HCPA’s Annual Meeting, Caldeira announced to the membership that increasing advocacy engagement was a  primary goal for 2018, along with the association’s rebranding efforts. Caldeira, the government relations and communications  teams will continue to amplify the voice of the household and commercial products industry by presenting its most important issues to key influencers and policymakers of both parties.”


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