HCPA will be holding a program at our upcoming Annual Meeting entitled “Preservatives: It’s been a BIT of a Year,” discussing the challenges and opportunities of finding and developing new and greener preservatives for household and commercial products.

HCPA continues to educate affected stakeholders on the ongoing supply disruption of the preservative, BIT. Because of this, HCPA maintains a conversation with EPA to minimize the burden of switching to alternative preservatives for BIT and possible options for BIT-free formulations. The EPA recently updated a letter on self-certification options for alternatives to BIT preservative uses with details on:

1) Batched notifications for self-certifications of BIT source changes for registered product formulations

2) Options for BIT source changes for products with an inert BIT concentration between 19 and 20.5 percent and for concentrations outside of 19 to 20.5 percent

3) Use of a streamlined amendment process for self-certifications of minor formulations with changes from BIT to BIT/MIT/CIT combinations

Please contact Dr. Steve Bennett, Senior Vice President, Scientific Affairs, for additional details at sbennett@thehcpa.org.



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