The association community had a faux “movie night” Oct. 19 at the Renwick Gallery to honor its own, including CEO Update’s Trade Association CEO of the Year—named Caldeira. Steve Caldeira.

The movie theme permeated the event. Caldeira, CEO of the Household & Commercial Products Association, got the James Bond treatment, complete with a movie poster featuring Caldeira in a black tuxedo. “To Lead is Not Enough” will not be playing in theaters, nor will it be streaming, but attendees gave a trailer for it two thumbs up.

Jay Timmons, CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, called Caldeira “my mentor” and a tireless civic and philanthropic volunteer.

“He represents absolutely the best association leadership, he’s a source of boundless energy, and he puts all of us to shame in that category,” Timmons said. “(He offers) wise counsel, and truly genuine kindness.

“Steve stands out as an example of what all of us can do, to overcome and achieve things if we are driven, committed, and relentless. … He believes from the bottom of his heart in the power of associations … (and) devotes countless hours with other charitable and civic causes.”



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