On March 26, Pete Vujovich, director, state government relations and public policy, HCPA, traveled to Jefferson City, Missouri to meet with legislators on HB 2573/SB 1093. The bill would raise pesticide registration fees in the state from $150/product to $450/product, tripling the cost of doing business in the state.  The Missouri Department of Agriculture is seeking the fee increase to fund research on the environmental effects of specific agricultural herbicides, among other new programs.  In meetings with committee leadership in both chambers, Vujovich was given assurances that the legislation would not be advancing with such a drastic increase.  While some members would still like to see the legislation move forward at a lower rate, HCPA will continue to advocate for reasonable registration fees, which fund the registration programs themselves.

The legislation is currently in the House Agriculture Committee, and has twice been scheduled for hearings, and twice delayed. In the Senate, the bill was sent to Senate Agriculture, and given a preliminary hearing on April 9th.


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