HCPA is pleased to share that The Wall Street Journal has published a letter to the editor from HCPA President & CEO, Steve Caldeira, Tariffs and the Future of U.S. Manufacturing. HCPA was one of the first trade associations to throw a marker down on tariffs, especially given the impact on various segments of our membership, most notably our Aerosol Division members, which constitutes our largest division.

The letter reads,

Tariffs have had a negative impact on manufacturers, including the household and commercial products industry, which develops products that Americans depend on for health and hygiene. Many of the products our members manufacture rely on aerosol technology and require large amounts of high-quality imported steel and aluminum. The tariffs have made it more difficult and costly to access these materials and slowed innovation, which has negatively affected aerosol can and component manufacturers—an example of the downstream industry the Federal Reserve study references.

The economic facts speak for themselves: Tariffs and trade wars are affecting manufacturing employment and causing an uptick in consumer and commercial prices. As an industry that employs 200,000 Americans, we remain hopeful that the Trump administration will continue to engage productively with our closest allies and trading partners to bring certainty and stability.

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