During the Retail Engagement Session, Mary Marrero, regulatory and technical relations manager, Procter & Gamble, and David Dilk, senior regulatory affairs expert, Givaudan, provided updates on the UL WERCs Advisory Council and HCPA’s Retail Engagement Workgroup’s progress working with individual retailers. Both Mary and David are members of the UL WERCs Advisory Council, which includes HCPA, eight supplier companies and four retailers: 3M, BASF, CVS Health, Givaudan, Kao USA, Lowes, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, RB, SC Johnson, Turtle Wax, Target and Walmart. Mary described the creation of the Advisory Council and provided a summary of its early activities. Of note, the first in-person meeting of the Advisory Council was held on May 14 at the site of the HCPA Mid-Year Meeting.

David Dilk, who chairs HCPA’s Retail Engagement Work Group, gave a summary of the group’s efforts with Walmart and Target to achieve greater harmonization with their chemicals programs, especially as it relates to ingredient communication and California SB 258.


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