Established in 2010 in order to respond to Test Orders from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for acephate pesticides through the process of data generation, the Acephate Task Force (ATF) is a consortium of companies comprised of registrants of acephate-based pesticides. The task force is controlled by Ignite Solutions, which is under the umbrella of HCPA.

In July of 2018, the ATF worked with multiple consultants to respond to the EPA released Preliminary Risk Assessments on acephate which included Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments including Intrinsik Corporation based out of Ontario, Canada. Intrinsik assisted the ATF in responding to several of these Ecological Risk Assessments by developing a refined terrestrial risk assessment for birds and mammals, and a refined aquatic risk assessment for invertebrates potentially exposed to acephate.

As a result, Intrinsik will be presenting an abstract of their refined aquatic risk assessment for acephate during the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry’s (SETAC) 39th North American Annual Meeting in November. The ATF is very excited for their work to be shared at SETAC’s event and to be part of this global initiative along with Intrinsik.

SETAC is a nonprofit, global professional organization comprised of scientists, managers and other professionals, whose mission is to promote the advancement and application of scientific research related to contaminants and other stressors in the environment, education in the environmental sciences, and the use of science in environmental policy and decision-making.



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