The Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) is pleased to announce that on March 28, Section K of the New York State 2019-2020 budget bill text was removed. This section would have put in place ingredient communication requirements for household products that were dangerously vague and ultimately unworkable.

HCPA would like to thank all members attached to this effort for your engagement on this issue. The letters, in-person meetings, and other forms of communication made a lasting impression with the legislature that will ultimately lead to a more collaborative process regarding ingredient communication in New York State in the future.

As we wait for the budget to make its way to the Governor’s office, timely updates regarding both the budget and any future ingredient communication-related issues will be sent out appropriately through the HCPA State Advisory Council.

The HCPA Mid-Year Meeting will be feature more than three hours of programming devoted to ingredient communication and product labeling, including the latest from New York State. View the full schedule here.

Please contact J.D. Darr, Manager of State Government Relations, at for additional comments or questions.


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