HCPA’s State Government Relations & Public Policy team is hard at work, advocating for the best interest of the household and commercial products industry. For example, right now, our staff is fighting two significant legislative battles in New York state, both of which have the potential to impact most, if not all, of our members.

New York recently resurfaced an ingredient disclosure effort that mirrors their past guidance, which industry found unworkable in previous years. These new Best Management Practices (BMP) will eventually turn into law, but HCPA has been given an exclusive opportunity to provide the industry’s feedback before the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) issues draft regulations.

It is our goal to align the New York requirements with California’s Cleaning Products Right to Know Act of 2017, which HCPA played a lead role in negotiating when California mandated that the ingredients in cleaning products be clearly communicated to consumers. However, it has been made very clear that NYSDEC is not interested in producing an identical proposal. We’ve given our members the unique opportunity to identify where their company is willing to negotiate on certain BMPs, including reporting levels and the universe of chemicals. HCPA is the lead trade association on this initiative, and we pride ourselves on maintaining a strong relationship with the staff at NYSDEC. Joining HCPA will offer your company the resources and platform to have your voice heard in front of key government officials in New York regarding ingredient disclosure.

HCPA staff are also currently working to ensure the reasonable implementation of New York’s S4389B, which restricts the manufacture, sale and distribution of household cleaning products containing 1,4-dioxane in the state. We recently requested an extension on the effective dates of the law in order to accommodate our member companies who are working around-the-clock to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, and haven’t had the time or resources to reformulate their products to comply with the law. We are also the only trade association working with NYSDEC to clarify certain components of the law, including what product categories would be subject to the restrictions. These concerns came directly from our member companies, and HCPA was able to successfully put them in front of decisionmakers at NYSDEC. Challenges with the implementation of S4389B are far from over, and it is critical that your company be a part of this regulatory process.

The HCPA State Government Relations & Public Policy team helps ensure that your company has a seat at the table for conversations about industry issues that could directly impact your business. In addition to New York, we’re also tacking legislation related to neonicotinoids, plastics packaging and environmental preferable procurement (EPP) across the country.


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