The Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) and several member companies recently participated in a call with aides to Vice President Mike Pence to discuss how the household and commercial products industry is navigating the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are grateful to Vice President Pence and his staff for their interest in how the household and commercial products industry is aiding in the fight against COVID-19,” said HCPA President & CEO, Steve Caldeira. “This was an especially productive conversation, given Vice President Pence’s leadership of the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force. We were able to share the industry’s response to the coronavirus pandemic thus far, including manufacturing cleaning products and disinfectants at record levels, collaborating with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase the availability of critical ingredients, and supporting local communities through direct financial contributions, in-kind donations, and community service initiatives. We were also able to voice challenges the industry has faced, such as keeping supply chains operational and keeping employees safe. We look forward to continuing these conversations with the White House about how to keep Americans healthy and stop the spread of COVID-19, especially as businesses reopen and stay-at-home orders are being lifted in varying degrees by all 50 states.”


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