On February 5, Joe Yost, Vice President of Strategic Alliances & Industry Relations at HCPA, and representatives from BASF, FMC, MGK, and SC Johnson met with senior staff from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to discuss HCPA’s consensus position on the agency’s draft VOC limits for the crawling bug insecticide product category. Representatives of Central Life Sciences and Spectrum Brands also participated in the discussion via phone.

HCPA members explained their serious concerns that a VOC limit lower than 10 percent may not be technologically and commercially feasible. Furthermore, manufacturers and formulators will not have enough time to reformulate crawling bug insecticides to comply with the 2023 effective date because of the time needed to comply with the extensive registration process required by both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation before reformulated products enter the marketplace. Therefore, HCPA members proposed that CARB require one reformulation to comply with a 10 percent VOC limit with an effective date of 2027. A full explanation of HCPA’s consensus position is detailed in the preliminary feedback message sent to CARB on January 30.

During the meeting, HCPA members expressed their appreciation for CARB staff’s concerted effort to conduct an open and transparent rulemaking process by considering input from all stakeholders. HCPA members will continue to have further discussions with CARB staff on crawling bug insecticides and the other products that are included in the current CARB rulemaking.

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