The Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) Air Quality Council (AQC) members developed a consensus position on the need for specific revisions to a California Air Resources Board (CARB) Guidance Document determination that limonene and pinene are solvents when used to formulate a broad group of cleaning and degreasing products. HCPA organized an industry-wide group of allied trade associations consisting of the Fragrance Creators Association (FCA), the Personal Care Products Association (PCPC), the Pine Chemical Association (PCA), and the Renewable Citrus Producers Association (RCPA) to help leverage the Air Quality Council’s advocacy efforts in proposing revisions to the Guidance Document.

On April 11, the HCPA Air Quality Council and associated coalition met with senior CARB staff met to discuss specific concerns with the Guidance Document. The coalition also proposed revisions that would help clarify how CARB interprets and enforces the applicable regulatory provisions for cleaning and degreasing products that contain limonene and pinene. CARB staff said they will consider potential modifications to the Guidance Document based on some of these recommendations.

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