The Environmental Law Institute held a conference on June 24 entitled “TSCA: Three Years Later,” which brought together experts to reflect on the accomplishments and challenges since the 2016 Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act was signed into law by President Obama.

The Household & Commercial Products Association’s (HCPA) Dr. Steve Bennett, Senior Vice President, Scientific Affairs, moderated the first panel discussion, “TSCA Implementation: Where Are We Now?”

This panel focused on how TSCA has been implemented the last three years. Additionally, the discussion also addressed TSCA’s implementation on a variety of areas including regulatory, environmental, political and corporate sectors. This portion of the session discussed the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) updated inventory identifying active and inactive chemical substances and any new chemicals up for review. Lastly, topics included the updated chemical inventory, the new chemicals’ review process, and classification of confidential business information (CBI) in accordance with TSCA.


For additional information about this conference, click here.

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