Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to share with you an update on the state of our association, including a recap of the progress CSPA has made in 2017 and a brief outlook for 2018. Before I do, I would like to thank our members for their ongoing dedication to CSPA — as a member-driven organization, it is your selfless volunteer efforts that guide our representation of this great industry, and allow us to adapt and remain forward-thinking in today’s constantly changing business and political landscapes.

CSPA is very fortunate to have an active volunteer Board of Directors that truly understands both the value of reinvention and the enormous potential of CSPA as an association. I would like to thank the Board, our staff, and our members for their vision, leadership and support throughout the past year. Your involvement with CSPA has lifted our organization’s voice and presence, and has contributed to the household and commercial products industry remaining a key player within the U.S. economy.

Economic Impact

CSPA is proud to represent more than 220-member companies that play a significant role in expanding the American workforce, while creating products that support cleaner and healthier lives for consumers and workers. The household and commercial products industry is, and will continue to be, a proven job creator that employs nearly 200,000 workers involved in manufacturing, formulating, distributing and the sale of consumer products in the United States.

Our organization’s members have championed very familiar and respected brands and innovative products, developed and refined over decades by family businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. Household and commercial products are present in every step of our lives — at home, at work, and wherever else we are. It should come as no surprise that our industry has experienced a 19-year trade surplus, a promising trend that is likely to continue in 2018 and for the foreseeable future. In addition, our industry generates $180 billion in annual sales, representing .51% of the American gross domestic product. These figures demonstrate that household and commercial products are not only essential to the health of consumers and workers, but also to the health of the U.S. economy.

Rebranding as Household and Commercial Products Association

In 2017, CSPA pressed the “reset” button – a massive undertaking including simultaneous initiatives that most associations only tackle one at a time. Watch the 2017 Highlight video. In early 2018, CSPA will begin to promote its new name, the Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA), over the course of several weeks in late January and early February, with a formal launch date on February 5. You will see the changes go into effect at our new websiteand you can also watch the HCPA Brand Preview video to learn more.

The rebranding campaign will strengthen our ongoing efforts to:

  • Advocate for public policy and scientific reasoning that positively shapes the industry, benefits members and protects consumers and workers
  • Promote trust in our industry and products with policymakers, the media, and the public
  • Reinforce industry collaboration, while connecting members with new business insights and networking opportunities, education, and scientific resources that enable growth
  • Drive additional member value through programs and services that address current and future needs

To support these efforts, we will leverage our strategic investment in advocacy programs at all levels of government and strengthen our relationships with industry and allied trade associations. In addition, we will continue to drive membership recruitment, enhance our events, and proactively communicate our industry’s story to policymakers, consumers and the media.

Transformation Leads to Results

This past year, our association transformed into a leaner, more proactive force in the household and commercial products industry. A nationwide listening tour consisting of a dozen visits with member companies yielded a strong, unified response from our membership – collaboration should always be a priority for CSPA. As a result, we have strengthened our relationships with allied trades, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), federal and state governments, and most importantly, the innovative and strategic companies we take pride in representing.

This new priority paid dividends quickly. In a major win on ingredient disclosure regulation, CSPA members and staff worked successfully with California State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens), who also serves as the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, to negotiate and pass the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017. CSPA assumed a leading role in a coalition of diverse stakeholders to negotiate this bipartisan landmark law that successfully balances consumer and worker demands for more ingredient information with complex implementation issues, including the need to protect certain proprietary and confidential business information. This bill was a carefully crafted compromise developed through intense negotiations with NGOs. It was backed by a very unique, but effective coalition of more than 100 organizations and corporations ranging from breast cancer prevention and clean water advocates, to janitors and some of the world’s largest multinational cleaning product companies.

Following a structural reorganization, CSPA staff have benefitted from fresh ideas and additional opportunities for collaboration. Our newly-created Strategic Alliances and Industry Relations department has emerged as an effective liaison between manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and many other levels of the supply chain. Here are a few of their 2017 accomplishments:
  • Urging the establishment of an Advisory Council of retailers and suppliers to guide Underwriters Laboratories (UL) on the implementation of WERCSmart
  • Working collaboratively with retailers and manufacturers to demonstrate the benefits of practical approaches to ingredient communication, including providing context for Walmart’s inclusion of the California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act’s chemicals list in their ingredient disclosure requirements

We look forward to active member participation on these initiatives to ensure the longevity of a competitive and innovative environment for the household and commercial products industry. Our organization is committed to providing members with reliable and consistent services as our industry continues to evolve. Our transformation to the Household and Commercial Products Association will be complemented by enhanced member programs, events, and advocacy initiatives, which will allow us to improve the value proposition for our members, while further positioning HCPA as a go-to leader within the consumer products and trade association communities.

CSPA’s growth and changes in 2017 have positioned HCPA for a productive 2018. We are excited, energized and truly honored to begin another year of work alongside our committed members and industry colleagues, and so we thank you once again for your continued support of this great organization.


Steve Caldeira,

President and CEO, CSPA


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